Short Skirt - Old Skull

Old Skull

$161.99 USD$184.90

Designer Skirt with Flounce

  • 100% poly crepe fabric
  • Wrap flounced skirt
  • Belt tie at the waist
  • Button hole for the belt
  • Handmade to order

Wash at 86°F, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

Wash At 86°F  Wash at 85°F  Tumble 1  Low Heat

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He is a tattoo & street artist with a vast experience in the tech world. He prefers to let his work speak for him with the help of calligraphy and beautiful design elements. 

Black may be the most common color in his palette, but just like his mind, between all the darkness lies surprisingly bright colors.

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