where fashion is supercharged by sustainability, innovation & joy. 

Our styles blend chic aesthetics with eco-friendly materials, ensuring every piece tells a sustainable story.
Innovation is our mantra, delivering lasting fashion that improves everyday.
And joy? That's our essence, celebrating individuality and self-expression!

What is House of MURO?

MURO (“Wall” in Portuguese, Spanish & Italian) is a personal fashion brand focused on promoting incredible artwork and designs by its founder, Lila Seligman. Our goal is for you to be a living wall that art is presented upon whenever you want.

Why muro?

After years of working in the Fashion Industry... as a fashion designer, brand builder, design executive and artist, I saw a lot of policies leading down to waste and actual harm to the ecosystem. In addition, I saw a variety of old practices I wanted to change.

Who is house of muro?

Together with my Mom and Brother , I founded House of MURO in order to make the change I wanted to see in the fashion industry.

Reducing industry waste with an efficient & innovative made-to-order system.
Using recycled quality materials whenever possible.
Supporting an Ethical Supply Chain infrastructure.
Using digital art methods to create wearable art that brings joy.

Join us and together we can magically materialize art that blurs the line between virtual and actual.